Muskie Daze

Welcome to Muskie Daze!

Catching the Freshwater fish of a lifetime may be well within your grasp and a lot closer than you think. The Delaware and Susquehanna Rivers and other area waters support many species of
fish in catchable numbers. The potential for catching trophy fish also exists. My 16 ft. OMC Jet Boat allows us to access River areas that are difficult or impossible to reach with conventional propeller boats
All equipment provided is of the highest quality and is well maintained.

My aim is to provide not only a memorable day on the water but also to share some of those “little tricks” that put fish in the boat not only today but in all the days ahead.

Good Fishing!

Why Hire A Guide?

Hire a guide for the same reason you would hire a lawyer or an
electrician – for his knowledge, experience, and resources. Even expert anglers hire guides when exploring new areas. In addition to providing the equipment needed to catch fish, a professional guide will also provide helpful insights on fishing techniques and strategies, as well as on game fish habits and locations.

If you are considering “gearing up” to pursue a new species, a guide’s advice on the selection of appropriate tackle can be invaluable.

One day with a good guide can save you countless hours of experimentation, and put you on the road to fishing success. It’s a good investment.


Muskellunge Fishing

Considered by many to be the ultimate Freshwater trophy. Muskies can grow to over forty pounds and 50 + inches. Specialized gear and techniques are used to catch muskies which average 26 to 40 inches, and weigh 15 to 20 pounds.

Elusive yet curious, the Muskie is known for heart-stopping boat-side strikes and savage battles. The potential for you to catch a very large fish is present.

We Practice CPR:
Catch – Photograph – Release


Shad Fishing

This popular sport fish spawns annually in the mid and upper Delaware River. Shad can be caught on darts, spoons, and flies, from April through early June. Shad average 3 – 6 pounds and are an excellent sport on light tackle.


Walleye Fishing

The best kept secret on the River. These fish can average 18 to 22 inches with larger fish in the 7 to 10 pound range common. They are abundant but can be finicky. Winter Fishing is best.